Work With Me

Want to partner with me on a project? There are many ways we can work together:

For food writing or recipe development projects, please contact me directly: TheMomChef@TakingOnMagazines. If you are looking for a recipe to go along with your brand/product, I can develop one for you. Developing recipes is exciting for me, and I’m certain I can deliver a delicious recipe perfect for representing your brand! I work for compensation- not exchange for product or “exposure.” Long-term relationships/projects with brands are preferred.

Brand Ambassador: If you are looking for a blogger to represent your brand, I can be your product ambassador. Ambassadorship can be through a series of blog posts, as well as mentions on Taking On Magazines and more social media. I’m also available to travel and can do on-camera work for you.

Company/brand events: Invite Taking On Magazines to attend your event and learn about your product, cause, or contest, food celebrity endorsement, etc. Brand travel- I have participated in brand travel and trips, and enjoy the behind-the-scenes look at a brand, as well as sharing my experience with my readers.

Travel: I’m available to represent or accompany brands on trips as a travel/food writer and photographer. I love to share my experiences on the road with my readers.

Product reviews: If you have a product, cookbook, appliance, etc. that will be of great value to Taking On Magazines’ readers, let me know. If it’s a good fit with the Taking On Magazines site, I may host a giveaway for you.

Something else? Have another idea you’d like to pitch to Taking On Magazines? I’d love to hear it. Let’s work together!

These are just a few examples of ways I have worked with companies in the past and present. I am open to your creative suggestions if I feel they benefit the content of the blog and are helpful to my readers.


I am sometimes compensated to work with brands and companies and am involved in various other food-related projects. I do not accept payment to publish positive feedback on a product. All opinions in my written posts are entirely my own.

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