The Sunday Sip ~ Hello Winter, Speed Bumps, Cat Etiquette and the Dish of the Week

Good morning and happy Sunday! I would have been here sooner, but after admitting that I sent my family to work and school with nothing more than toast and cereal while I ate Bacon & Egg Spaghetti, I was feeling a little guilty. So, I made pancakes for everyone this morning and we just finished eating. I still have coffee in my cup and would love to sit and chat if you have the time and inclination.

Hello Winter

I’m not one to say ‘I told you so,’ but I really told you so. Our week started with freezing rain. It didn’t coat the roads at all so Dudette was able to go to school and Hubby to work, but it was cold and really wet, especially the deluge that began right as Dudette’s bus pulled up to the stop and I was standing there waiting for her without an umbrella. Of course, I realize if you’re sitting in a comfy chair up north, you’ve already knew it was still winter. I’m sorry for the mass accumulations you’ve had to deal with, but I thank you for the absolutely gorgeous photos you’ve been putting up on Facebook.

 Milk Cartons

It appears that the school lunch milk cartons provide reading material as well as beverages for the kids. Dudette came home on Friday with this little gem.

What did one plate say to another plate?

Lunch is on me today.

Cat Etiquette

Every single time. Why?

Year-Round Slow Cooking

You know how much I’m loving my slow cooker. I just finished going through a BHG special interest issue that was dedicated to the appliance. I may be done with that one, but thanks to Fine Cooking, which just published the Year-Round Slow Cooker cookbook by Dina Cheney, my slow cooker isn’t headed to the cupboard.

I received my copy from Fine Cooking yesterday and have already gone through the book cover to cover. Since I can’t decide what to make first, it’ll be a day or two before we get this bit of fun going, but once I start, I’ll be making and reviewing some of the dishes, while at the same time offering a giveaway of an additional copy of Year-Round Slow Cooker thanks to Fine Cooking’s generosity.

Nature’s Speed Bumps

Our neighborhood has three lakes in its boundaries, which means we have water fowl. While we do see ducks and herons, the majority of the birds around our waters are Canada geese (and no, it’s not Canadian geese, it’s Canada geese). They usually stay down by the lake, but because the new grass is beginning to come on on our lawns, they’ve been wandering to higher ground and chowing down. I don’t mind.

The geese spend as much time crossing the road at their leisurely pace as they do in the grass, thus becoming the ultimate speed bump. The geese are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 so it’s illegal to plow right through them. I get downright giddy when I see cars that have absolutely ignored our 25 mph limit  stop entirely until my feathered friends waddle to safety.

You know, I might just start feeding them.

Sleeping In

Dudette had a sleep-over at a friend’s house on Friday night so I was able to sleep in on Saturday morning. That did not make everyone at the house very happy. At least they haven’t figured out how to ring the bell yet.

Dish of the Week

The fact that Hubby called these the best blueberry muffins he’s ever had and that Dudette had two in one sitting says it all. Better Homes and Gardens’ Citrus-Topped Double Blueberry Muffins are uber-delicious. There were lots of great dishes this week, but these definitely topped the vote.


It’s been a bit of a nature-filled week, huh? That’s what I enjoy though, so it’s no big surprise. I hope you had a fantastic week and are looking forward to the one to come. For those under the threat of this new winter storm, I’m so, so sorry. I hope you’re able to stay safe and warm. As always, thanks for visiting!

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20 Responses to The Sunday Sip ~ Hello Winter, Speed Bumps, Cat Etiquette and the Dish of the Week

  1. Emily Rogers says:

    Stay warm and keep the great blogs coming, please!

  2. Loved my chat with you. You made me laugh more than once. Thanks so much.

  3. Ayshela says:

    Those muffins look and sound marvelous! We seem to be toward the end of cedar mating season (which has been intense this year) so as soon as I can be sure of reading a recipe accurately I'll give them a shot!

    Cat etiquette – It's because you're paying attention to something other than her, so she's reminding you of her natural place in the grand scheme of things. =) Gizmo jumps up on Paul's lap frequently, making sure to hit the space bar and run him down to the very bottom of whatever screen he happened to be looking at. It's kind of funny watching him try to mouse up while Gizmo's standing on the space bar. The screen practically vibrates until one of them stops trying to move it. (three guesses who wins.) =)

    • I'm assuming that you don't mean the cedar trees. :) Why do cedars mating affect your reading a recipe accurately?

      Molly usually just lies there on her blanket next to my monitor. It seems to be only when I'm really looking at a magazine that she'll reposition herself right on top of what I'm reading. Cats are awesome.

      • Ayshela says:

        Believe it or not, yes, cedar trees. They're one of a handful of trees who don't rely on birds or insects to pollinate, they're *wind* pollinated. That means when it's "mating season" they lay a blanket of pollen on the ground and the wind picks it up and swirls it around everything for miles around. Last winter wasn't too bad – it kind of bugged my guy but I didn't really notice it. This winter we've had high tree pollen warnings for two solid months and people who don't normally have hayfever are miserable. It hasn't hit my chest, like evergreens do, but my eyes swell and water and crust up. I asked my son for his new address so I could mail his birthday card, and misread it so got it back, having sent it to an address which doesn't exist. It seems to be running down, though, thankfully.

        Molly's gorgeous. I'm sure she notices when she doesn't have at least *part* of your attention and moves to rectify that immediately! =)

        • Wow….Hubby has allergies too so that might explain why they're extra bad right now. He can barely taste food. It doesn't affect his eyes, just his sinuses. He's one big snot factory. I hope you do find relief soon!

  4. Really enjoy your Sunday Sips. We hope to hit 40 this week. :0) First they said no snow this week, they have already backed tracked on that. Oh, the joys of living in Michigan.

  5. Katy says:

    Loved today's Sun. Sip! Thank You! were you reading my life?
    I have 4 cats that let me live with them! They like to "have fun" when I'm at the computer by insisting I make room for them anytime they'd like. I might as well get ready for one whenever I see it approaching, since ready or not it's coming up…you just can't read the screen through them, can't type either! Same goes for reading a book in bed, plop one's sitting on the page starring at me with the " aren't I sweet look ?"
    The muffins look great but I'd have to eat them all, so force myself not to get what I might need to make them.
    Don't befriend the Canada geese, once you do they don't want to leave and they poop all over the place which will stain even cement under a picnic table on the patio.
    Ayshela's comment about ( cedar mating/ making) pollen is a gem! Today is the 1st day it hasn't been the top offender on my allergy alert…not to worry it will be back in a day or so)! It hates being 2nd on the alert! My skin feels like a chemical burn.

    • Oh, Katy, I'd love to have more than one cat. I always tell Hubby that he's the only thing keeping me from having many. He has allergies and if the cat hung around him much more than she does, it might be an issue. Luckily, she sticks pretty close to my side.

      Thanks for the tip on the geese. I don't want them eating our grass once it replaces the dead stuff out there right now so no, I won't feed them….it's just nice having the traffic slow down in front of our house.

  6. adamjholland says:

    The muffins look outstanding. The milk-carton humor — just as delicious! I can do without the Canada geese (or whatever they're called). They can mess up a golf course green in a matter of seconds. 😉 I hope all is well.

  7. eliotthecat says:

    I love blueberries with citrus. I hope we are done with winter here! Regarding your cat etiquette pic: We are always saying we are getting "the cat a**"! :)

  8. Ameena says:

    Kid humor…it's not easy to find a laugh, let me tell you! But this one is cute.

    It looks really, really cold. Cold that I'm not sure I could handle! It's about 75 in LA…do you want to come visit? Bring some muffins and you can stay with me!! :)

  9. Your animals have great personalities! That cat and those chickens crack me up!
    My Fine Cooking subscription has run out so I'll be looking forward to what you make from the latest issue!

    • Oh, bless you! I wasn't going to go through Fine Cooking, though it pained me to leave it behind this month, but now that you've kind of, in a round about way, asked for it, I HAVE to, right? Yes, I just HAVE to. :)

  10. Curry and Comfort says:

    My cat does the same thing… she sits on the kids homework while they are trying to do it… or in front of my computer screen. Gotta love them. I hear we're getting a major snow storm this week…. When will winter be over already? I totally agree with you favorite recipe pick… LOVE those muffins. :)

  11. Happy Tuesday!! I'm late to the party again, but I did think of you Sunday!! We had the first "show" of the season for Liv's competition team, it was awesome! Even though I'm not the one who danced, my back sill hurts. Super fun though, and we could have used those beautiful blueberry muffins for extra fuel!
    Look at that freezing rain. I've only seen it one time when I visited my grandparents in Minnesota shortly after I got my first camera. I still have a shot of the sun glistening through the ice encased branches. Beautiful! But cold. I hope spring hits soon.
    I've never actually seen a Canada Goose though, pretty. I love that people are slowing down! We could use a few of those guys around here!

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