The Sunday Sip ~ More Sleepovers, Halloween, Winter, and More

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Welcome to Taking On Magazine's review of the week, The Sunday Sip. This week we're talking about sleepovers, Halloween, Winter and more. Come join us.

Good morning and Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve had as good a week as we did. Sophie reminded me that Halloween is this week (she was really sending a not-so-subtle hint about my needing to buy candy) and I had to go check the calendar. I can’t believe we’re running out of month again!

I may be out of month, but I’m not out of coffee. Hubby just brought me a warm-up (he’s such a good man) so I’m a happy camper. There are a couple of mini-hoodlums playing the Wii in the family room, but there are comfy chairs here in my office so let’s settle in for our weekly chat.

Foggy Mornings

We’ve had a ton of foggy mornings lately. While they’re beautiful and give a little mystery to an otherwise mundane Monday morning. This one did manage to dislodge a vague memory of an old-time saying I’ve heard so I headed to the Farmers’ Almanac to find it.

It appears that heavy and numerous fogs indicate a hard winter’s on the way. Wait, wait. Before you gnash your teeth, and begin stockpiling food goods and snow shovels, the heavy fog count has to come in August, not October.

Phew. The weather people said that the Winston Salem area had one foggy day in August. I can handle that. You know how you did?

Romeo Update


Romeo is settling in, but the question of whether he’ll stay with us is still up for grabs. He’s loud. Very loud. When he wants something, gets startled, or just feels like it, he squawks. With gusto. If I can figure out how to change that behavior, we’ll be okay. If you have any ideas, let me know.

Romeo’s previous owner told me that he loves taking showers. So, the last time I took one, I brought him in with me. He sat on the benchy-type thingy in the stall and reveled in the ‘rain shower’ that I sent his way every once in a while. Of course, he also looked really pathetic, all soaked and soggy, but he was one happy bird.

Girl Scouts

goodwillWe didn’t have a meeting this week, but we did have an badge-earning event. The girls all collected bags and boxes of outgrown clothes, toys that had lost their charm and other doodads and brought them to our area’s Goodwill truck. It was awesome.

I Made Bread


Well, technically, I made rolls, but you know what I mean. Since we’re cooling down (getting downright cold) and we don’t want to turn on the heat yet (Hubby’s miserly), I had to get creative with the ‘warm place’ that I was instructed to put the dough in so it could rise.

I ended up heating the oven for about three minutes, then turning it of. It was delightfully warm (about the temperature I wished the house was), and the bread reveled in the comfortable temperatures to which I was denied. It reveled a bit too much though. In addition to this bowl of goop, I had to scrape up globs of dough from the oven bottom as well.

The rolls were awesome though.

The Second Sleepover

Remember Lukasz, the ex-husband, current best friend? He’s here again, for one more sleepover. He and his family are moving away in a week. So, the kids are getting in as much time together as they can before he’s gone. That’s why I’m running late today. Priorities, you know.

Before the Sleepover


SciWorks, one of our favorite places to roam in the area, had an in-house trick or treat event yesterday. My little cowgirl ran into Lukasz, Ninja-boy, and the two of them had a blast running from room to room, collecting candy and toys and enjoying all the displays and stuff to do.

(I really like big kitties and forced them to stand next to the cheetah.)

Head for the Mountains!


If that really big meteor ever does fall and floods the eastern seaboard, we’ll be fine because Pilot Mountain is only 20 minutes away from us (and is 2,400 hundred feet higher than┬áthe flooding ocean will be). We headed up there a couple of days ago to check out the colors and as usual, were awed by the beauty of the view.

Dish of the Week


You thought it would be the Parker House Rolls, didn’t you. Yeah, they were good, but the family went for the comfort food. The Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole gets the win. It was really tasty and very filling, just the kind of thing you want with a big ole casserole.


Sophie is planning on being a cowgirl for Halloween, which thrills me because it’s such an easy costume to pull together. I like easy. How’s your week been? Anything exciting going on? Are your kids dressing up? How many Elsa’s do we have in a crowd (I saw a ton of them at SciWorks)?


6 thoughts on “The Sunday Sip ~ More Sleepovers, Halloween, Winter, and More

  • October 27, 2014 at 8:30 am

    Thankfully my days of making costumes are over. I sewed all of my kid's costumes with the skills I learned in 7th and 8th grade. Power Rangers, Cheerleaders, Hershey Kisses, Turtles…you name it, I made it. I never did figure out why they made the patterns on that flimsy tissue like paper. You got off easy with a cowgirl :) Sophie looks adorable. In the Northeast, we are planning on a rough winter. I am the voice of doom when it comes to that. Have a happy Monday!

    • October 27, 2014 at 2:11 pm

      Hey, I work really hard to get off that easy! :) I spend the entire year making hints and giving ideas, all of which are easy to pull together outfits. It's a science, you know. I remember the days of sewing in home ec. I think the most ambitious thing I made is a nightgown and I was terrified to wear it, thinking it would fall apart on me. And me, the daughter of a professional tailor. Sheesh. :)

  • October 27, 2014 at 6:43 am

    No, please don't say it's so! I don't want a hard winter. Even though you said August was the time for the foreboding fog, I have heard we are in for it. I don't even want to look up the forecast for our area. Hope things work out for Romeo and the rest of the family. He is too cute! Happy Halloween week!

    • October 27, 2014 at 8:30 am

      I've heard we're in for it too. That being said, they also said that it would be a really active hurricane season for the Atlantic and it didn't end up that way (though folks in the Pacific would disagree). We just need to keep our fingers crossed.

      Believe me, if I can train Romeo to stop the squawking, we'll keep him. He awesome except for that one thing. Heck, he's sitting on my shoulder right now. He loves just being there. Only problem with it is that Molly's scared of him and so she's not in her spot on my desk, but it down in the basement instead. That makes me sad.

  • October 26, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    Oh how fun! I bet they had a blast running amok at SciWorks. =)

    I am thankfully past the days of having to pull together costumes for the kids. (I will never ever sew vinyl again.) My youngest pulled together a LARP type dress for her costume for a fund raiser dinner up in WA. I admit to being a little jealous – I'd have loved to be able to fly up for it.

    It's been record setting warm here in OKC. We're looking at a cold front blowing in tomorrow, though I take the term "cold front" with a pinch of salt since I still think of arctic nor'easters when they say that. Can't say I miss them though.

    We're stocked and ready for the kids to come through on Friday. We're signed up with NextDoor and on their trick or treat list, so we should have a fair number. Being a block away from the elementary school we see some adorable little kids, and I'm looking forward to that. =)

    • October 27, 2014 at 8:27 am

      They really did have fun. Since Sophie was there for several camps last summer, she considers that place her second home. A lot of the staff know her now so she really has fun every time we go, for whatever reason. I've never heard of NextDoor … I wonder if we have that kind of thing in our area. It sounds like an awesome (safe?) program, like the helping hand project we had when we were kids. If there was a red hand in the window of a house, we knew it was a safe place to go if there was ever a need to run away from something (or someone).


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