Fresh Corn Salad with Pan-Seared Mexican-Style Red Snapper from Deen Bros. Good Cooking, Premier Issue 2010

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I was born in France and was raised in a French family and environment, but I’ve lived in the United States most of my life. There are several family “quirks” that I never realized were quirky until I was an adult and saw how others did things. All families have those little quirky things. In our case, it was a result of heritage, both French and Armenian.

The one quirk I’m thinking of right now relates to meal times. We always eat our French salad AFTER dinner, not beforehand or during like is done here in the U.S. It’s pretty typical for the French to serve a fresh green salad with cucumber and tomatoes lightly dressed with a vinaigrette after a big meal as a low calorie refresher before the dessert.

Once I got married, my husband fell in love with our family salad the first time he was introduced to it. He claims that the reason we have the salad at the end of the meal is because it IS dessert it’s so good. I have to admit, I agree.

That being said, this has nothing to do with that salad, but with the Fresh Corn Salad with Pan-Seared Mexican-Style Red Snapper and the Creamy Lime-Cumin Dressing that goes along with it. I didn’t want to make it. For me, the only salad that I’ve eaten as a main course and go back to time and time again is Applebee’s Santa Fe Chicken Salad. I love that thing. Otherwise, salads are what you get at the restaurant before dinner arrives or my dad’s salad, which is eaten after the meal.

But, I want to give the salads in this magazine equal billing so I chose this one since it gives the fish such bold flavors, and I’m glad I did. I won’t/can’t go into what’s in the spice mixture that goes over the corn, onions and fish, but it’s unbelievable. The flavors are amazing. I loved the fact that the onions and corn are sauteed for a minute or two before being served because it’s enough to coat the vegetables with flavor, soften them just a tad, but leave a bit of crunch there too.

The fish with the spice mixture is to die for. My husband gave it two thumbs up. Add the dressing and you’re in heaven. Perfect combination. I ate the salad and used my finger to make sure I got all the dressing up after I was done.

My husband, who isn’t a big salad fan (except for the one after dinner), had a piece of fish well coated in the spices and drizzled with the dressing by itself. He commented that it would be a perfect dish to make when his parents come to visit next week, and he’s right. I’ll probably serve the fish with the dressing as a main meat and add rice pilaf and a vegetable. It’ll be perfect.

I love these dishes that work so well together but are also so versatile that they can be deconstructed and used separately. It’s another huge win from the Deen brothers for us.

If you haven’t done it yet, buy the magazine. It is so, so worth it.

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