Flounder with White Wine Sauce from Deen Bros. Good Cooking, Premier Issue 2010

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Our family is going to have a two-week long Easter celebration this year. It will start on Sunday when my in-laws come to visit for a few days. Then we head up to Washington D.C. to spend Easter weekend with my aunt and return home in time for my father to come visit his grand daughter the week after Easter. Knowing that meals here on out will get complex and somewhat heavy, I decided to go with a lighter and more healthy fare tonight, feeding the family fish; in this case Flounder with White Wine Sauce.

Not only is it a healthy dish, it’s also simple and fast. I love the fact that the whole thing is done in a throw-away container so there’s no extra clean-up. It’s always my favorite kind of meal. My only complaint with this meal (and with the two grilled sandwiches, by the way), is that being a charcoal griller, I think it’s a tremendous waste of time and charcoal to heat a grill for a 10 minute cooking job when the grilled item is wrapped up in foil and won’t get any of the benefits of the grilling flavor. For this recipe, I think the oven works best.

The flavors in this are simple and since the flounder is a non-fishy tasting fish, they work well together. I like the touch of wine and the little bite that the capers provide even though I’m not a big fan of capers. I will use less butter next time. A tablespoon in each packet is an awful lot. I think half that would do the trick and provide just as much flavor.

This is a very good recipe and we enjoyed the flavor very much, so it’s hard to say something that might be construed as negative, but I do want to mention that rather than follow the exact formula, I’d suggest laying out each fillet on the foil, then just dabbing and sprinkling and splashing a little of each ingredient rather than measuring out exactly a tablespoon or teaspoon. I know the brothers had to put down ingredients and list out amounts, which is why I don’t want this to come across as negative feedback. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

It’s a great recipe and the fish, as with just about every dish I’ve made in this magazine, is wonderful.

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