Eggs Benedict with Herb-Roasted Asparagus and Bacon from Deen Bros. Good Cooking, Premier Issue 2010

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Have you ever heard a word for the first time (or after a long time of not hearing it) and as soon as you’ve heard it, you hear it multiple times immediately afterward? That happened to me after I brought up eggs benedict in my post about the Green Onion Waffles with Huevos Rancheros yesterday. Soon after that, another cooking magazine posted a poll regarding eggs benedict on Facebook and a conversation ensued.

So, since eggs benedict keeps coming up, I feel it’s my responsibility to continue the discourse and make the Eggs Benedict with Herb-Roasted Asparagus and Bacon that the Deen brothers came up with and placed in their magazine. I love asparagus, bacon, eggs and hollandaise sauce so the only hurdle for me was the red pepper. I like them raw, but am not a fan of them cooked. I find that they overwhelm all other flavors.

I have another confession. I don’t own pre-packaged hollandaise sauce mixes. I’m actually pretty proud of that fact. When I make a hollandaise sauce, it’s from scratch. Alton Brown from Food Network has a very good recipe that is fail-proof if you take the time to follow the instructions exactly. It’s easy, but it does take time.

So, I made the hollandaise with my recipe and then added the herbs and dijon mustard as per the brothers instructions.

This dish is hard to complete in a way that ensures everything will be finished at the same time so all will be nice and hot, something I take a lot of pride in being able to accomplish when I make dinners. So, since I figured the bacon would get covered with the egg and hot hollandaise, I went ahead and fried it up before proceeding with anything else.

I also made my eggs in a nifty poacher that’s for the microwave so I didn’t have to worry about changing temperatures and keeping the asparagus warm while the eggs were cooking. Mine’s from Nordicware and cost me about $3. It makes perfectly poached eggs in about a minute and I love it.

Putting the breakfast together was easy. Toasted and buttered English muffin goes on the plate, topped by a few spears of roasted asparagus (which was delicious all on it’s own) and some red pepper (no comment). Then A couple of slices of bacon go over the asparagus, the egg is careful placed on top of the stack and hollandaise sauce is drizzled over all.

My personal taste is that the addition of the dijon mustard did not add to the hollandaise but took away the delicate beauty of the sauce. I just didn’t like it. The red pepper did what I thought, so I removed it from the muffins after taking a bite and finshed the rest with the poor things sitting dejected on the side of the plate. I did love the asparagus and bacon as part of the dish though. In fact, when I make this at home I usually omit the Canadian bacon and just put the egg on the muffin and top that with the sauce.

This is an interesting recipe but to me it takes a delicate dish and uses two very bold flavors, dijon mustard and red pepper, which overwhelm it and lessen its specialness.

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