Q & A

I’m not calling this “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)” simply because not many of the questions on here were frequently asked. In fact, some have only been asked once and I may have made up one or two. I’m not telling.

Please understand that on many subjects I am absolutely unqualified to be giving advice. What I know could fill a colander. Yes, colanders have holes. So does my brain. Knowledge is leaking out constantly. Just keep that in mind, ok?

How do you decide which magazines to go through?

I have no specific method for doing this. The first consideration will be towards anyone who has requested a magazine. If you ask; I’ll do my best to make it happen. Sometimes publishers send me a copy of a magazine and ask me to go through them. They know ahead of time that I will be brutally honest about the recipes I choose to make even though I’ve received the magazine for free.

Many times I take a dart with me to the bookstore, stand in front of the magazine rack and throw. Ok, so I don’t take the dart, but it usually ends up being that random. I try to sprinkle a good variety in, but it’s pretty obvious which my favorites are.

Which magazines do you subscribe to?

None. They’re all either provided to me by the publishers or bought at the store on a whim.

How can you cook so much? 

Because we have to eat. Everything I make is real family food. I prefer home made to pre-packaged, so baked goods are from scratch unless I’m pinched very tightly for time. Many times I’m able to make more than one recipe at a time since magazines post meats and side dishes separately. I only post one recipe at a time so some days may be a “forage” day where everyone finds what suits them in the fridge, but I’ll post the side dish we had the night before since I had already posted the meat. Etc., etc.

How can you get everything done with all the cooking you do?

I can’t.  In fact, I’m considering gluing craft bubble eyes on all the dust bunnies that I see rolling around the house like tumbleweeds and selling them as novelties. The whole family pitches in with the cleaning and yard work.

Do you really dislike chocolate? How can anyone not like chocolate? You’re kidding about not liking chocolate, right? (etc.)

Truly, I do not like chocolate. Did I ever? Yes. I have memories of eating M&Ms as a child and enjoying them. However, for at least the past 30 years (maybe longer) I haven’t cared for it. If it’s a very mild milk chocolate, I can stomach it without making too many faces. If it’s dark chocolate, it’s just nasty. My chocolate dessert critics are Hubby, Dudette and anyone that happens to visit at the opportune time.

You’ve mentioned that you work for an IT company. What do you do?

These days I do simple web site edits and graphic changes because I’m focusing more on taking care of Dudette, the house, cooking and this blog. Before Dudette and the blog I was the project manager for design services at our company. If you want to see exactly what we do, have a look at Beacon Systems, Inc.

Do you have any GIVEAWAY GUIDELINES that I need to know about?

I’m glad you asked that because yes, there actually are some rules around here, unfortunately. You see, you need to know that your email will be kept private and will only be used in direct communication regarding the giveaway. Unless otherwise noted on a specific giveaway, giveaways are open to readers 18 years or older with U.S.  shipping addresses.

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