7 Quick Takes Friday (volume 33)

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Happy last Friday in May! Is it nice by you? May’s been very lionish for many parts of the country, ours included. Heavy storms rolled through last night again. Even so, much happens around the weather; lots this week in fact, some things a bit momentous (see #1). So, pull up a chair, grab your coffee (or, ::shudder:: tea) and let’s chat.


I need to find a way to stop time. A pill; a spray; a quick word? Any one have ideas? I can’t believe that this is my baby. It was just yesterday that I was holding a tiny little package of cuteness in my arms, marveling at this little gift that had been brought into our lives. Yesterday that gift walked across a stage and graduated from preschool. Kindergarten. I have to practice saying that because it keeps getting stuck in my throat.


Last week I was sitting in the bleachers watching Dudette’s Tae Kwon Do class wrap up. The instructor called her and the two other black-stripe students to the front of the room and told the class that those three would be testing for their yellow belts on May 27. What???  Dudette has only had her black-stripe belt for two weeks, but as of 4pm EDT today, she will be a full yellow belt and out of the “little kids” program and in the regular Tae Kwon Do curriculum.   Again, anyone have that spray, potion or pill? Too fast. It’s going by too fast.


This is my herb garden. It’s in one of the flower beds in the front of the house because that’s the only place that there’s even a possibility of sun hitting (you can see it dappled on the bricks behind the garden). I love this garden though. Lavender, rosemary, basil, thyme, oregano, dill, parsley, chives, mint and leeks. Now the race is on to see whether I can use them faster than the critters eat them!


Dudette’s Tae Kwon Do do jang (school) had an open house last weekend and some of the instructors did what we rarely get to see them do; show off what they know. Mr. Franklin is Dudette’s main teacher and if you watch for a few seconds, you’ll see him jump in the air, do the splits and break two boards being held way up there.  (And yes, many of us Mommies have a bit of a crush on Mr. Franklin.) One of my co-crush friends took this video and Hubby has even seen another mother taking pictures of Mr. Franklin’s backside. We’re a sorry lot.


The list of magazines for June is taking shape. It started with receiving the new issue of Bon Appetit. You’ve seen it; the one with Gwyneth Paltrow on the front, right? From glancing through the recipes there, that woman can truly cook. The second was at the check-out line at the grocery store; Cooking Light. With summer (swim suit season) approaching, it seems like a necessary choice. Then, yesterday we were out shopping and the skies parted, the sun shone and a direct ray landed on a magazine at the same time the Hallelujah Chorus started playing. It was a special issue from Fine Cooking. Are you ready for this? A breakfast issue. All breakfasts. Expect a lot from this one.

It’s Memorial Day weekend. This holiday means something very different to me than it does many Americans. My parents (and myself for that matter) are immigrants. My mom was born and raised in Belgium, my dad in France. Mom’s family hid American soldiers in their basement as they marched through her country and freed it from the Germans. My dad turned 18 two weeks after D-Day. If it had happened the other way around, the Germans, as they did with all 18 year-old Frenchmen, would have shipped him off to a work camp. It’s because of the Armed Forces that my parents lived, met, and married. I wouldn’t be without them. My gratitude runs so very deep.


Dish of the week. There was no consulting with other family members for this one. I chose on my own and it’s the Classic Charcoal-Barbecued Chicken from Cook’s Illustrated. The semi-homemade sauce is outstanding  and the grilling method gives perfectly cooked chicken with a nice crispy skin. Definitely finger licking fantastic.

That’s it. The sun is shining and I’m headed out to the food pantry for the morning. Since Dudette is out of school, she’s going with me. I hope you have a fantastic day. Be good to each other.

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