7 Quick Takes Friday (volume 32)

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Happy Friday! After almost a full week of rainy, cloudy days Dudette woke me bright and early because the sun was shining. Thanks for joining me for a few ramblings and general goofiness. Do you have your coffee or tea? Cool. Put your feet up and read on.


We were out running errands as a family and stopped at the recycling center to get rid of a bunch of boxes.While Hubby and Dudette enjoyed some bonding time over trash I people-watched. Specifically a well-dressed woman who was throwing out paper in another bin. A piece of paper missed the bin and gracefully floated down so it was just under the metal container; still reachable, but only by going to one knee and reaching for it. The woman, while willing to recycle, apparently wasn’t willing to bend down just a little to pick up her litter. She looked at it, shrugged a little, finished stuffing the paper in the bin and walked to her car for another load. On the way, she happened to glance over and saw me watching her. I looked down at the paper and over at her again. Her chin came up a little, she looked away, got her load and proceeded to dispose of it, ignoring the piece of paper on the ground. I considered going over and picking it up for her, but didn’t want to become a star on the next episode of COPS.

Have I mentioned that ¬†Dudette received her black stripe in Tae Kwon Do last Friday? Look at my beautiful little girl standing at attention and focusing on the instructor, just like she’s supposed to. Now if that could translate to home, I’d be way thrilled. Of course, as she continues her lessons and moves up to yellow belt, all I’m doing by letting her take these classes is get to the point where she can kick my sit-upon. ¬†Boy, did I not think this one through.

I’ve told you before that I can’t get good natural light pictures because our house is surrounded by trees, right? I thought I’d show you how surrounded we are. There it is, right under the A pointer and all those glorious oaks and tulip poplars. I love it and wouldn’t trade it because when the temps climb into the upper 90’s come summer, the shade helps keep it in the upper 80’s instead. But, pictures in natural light aren’t going to happen unless I go down to the street, and I’m not going to do that.

I was headed to pick Dudette up from school when an oncoming 1-ton dump truck turned left directly in front of me, causing me to hit the brakes hard. Righteous ire overwhelmed me, knowing that the driver figured he could do what he wanted because he was so big. Wanting to let him know that I protest his actions and was, in fact, mighty miffed, I laid on my horn only to hear it go “meeeeep.” Pathetic. The Subaru will be enrolled in a muscle car academy as soon as I can find one for it.
You have all seen Toy Story, right? It’s unfortunate that the claw “game” doesn’t really give up the toys as readily as this one did. Dudette has been enamoured by them and desperate to give one a try. She finally had 50 cents to call her own and brought it with her when we went for ice cream yesterday because they had a claw machine. Both Hubby and I warned her over and over regarding the difficulty and improbability of getting anything. She promised she understood. She promised she wouldn’t cry. She didn’t understand and she did cry. In fact, she sobbed. It was heartbreaking. Five minutes later she was planning the strategy for the next time. Could I have a gambler-in-training on my hands?


Every Thursday night before heading to bed I’ll log onto Facebook and there is a word that is being thrown all over peoples’ pages and posts. Scotty. I had no idea who Scotty was. I have never once watched American Idol. The first time I saw him was on the local news and that’s how I found out he was a local boy and was seriously good. I wish him luck. Reality laughs in my face every day so I have no desire to watch reality TV (including the heartbreak of those who don’t continue on so that Scotty can) when I want to relax. Instead I escape. I watch Castle. I love Nathan Fillion. Love him.


Dish of the week. This was a no-brainer. The Italian Grilled Chicken from Cook’s Illustrated won hands’ down even though the lady looks like a porn star. It was tender and incredibly flavorful. I didn’t have a pair of bricks so I used my cast iron skillet to press the chicken against the grates while it cooked. Perfectly done skin on the grill was so, so good. Having the herbs under the skin was even better.

That’s my week. And now a sunny, glorious beginning to the weekend. I hope you’re able to enjoy the day, take off your shoes and squish your toes in some fresh green grass, and lie in the sun for a few moments. Maybe even go on a picnic. Be good to each other.

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